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We offer low rates to call around the globe. Select the first letter of the country name you wish to call to see the rates. All prices are in US dollars per minute, the rates are subject to change without notice. The rate list shown is incomplete for brevity; to find the call rate to the particular phone number, enter the number in the box below (starting with the country code) and click the "Search" button.

Effective Aug 1st 2021 several UK communication providers have announced origin based charging to surcharge internationally originated calls to UK numbers or calls to UK numbers that have missing, malformed or Fake CLI's. You can lookup the surcharge table, the surcharge per minute amount depends on your caller id country and the type of UK number you're calling (fixed or mobile).
Your caller id number must be in E.164 format (staring with +country_code). We will allow calls to UK numbers if your caller id number belongs to a country with a 0 surcharge rate OR you explicitly enable "Allow UK Surcharge" parameter in "user settings" menu in customer portal, it is set to "no" by default.

Complete rate lists can be downloaded in csv format: Standard (last updated: January 18 2022), Premium (last updated: January 18 2022), PSTN (last updated: January 18 2022), per trunk (last updated: January 18 2022)
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DestinationDial prefixPrice
San Marino378550.046
San Marino Fixed3780.01813
San Marino Mobile378660.02494
Sao Tome2392991.11563
Sao Tome And Principe2390.5213
Saudi Arabia96690.09844
Saudi Arabia Fixed9660.08913
Saudi Arabia Fixed Atheeb96665100.08913
Saudi Arabia Fixed Riyadh966110.08913
Saudi Arabia Mobile966510.11675
Saudi Arabia Mobile Globalstar9661350.08913
Saudi Arabia Mobile Mobily966540.11225
Saudi Arabia Mobile Stc966500.11888
Saudi Arabia Mobile Zain966580.11663
Senegal Fixed2210.2119
Senegal Fixed Expresso221300.2206
Senegal Mobile Expresso221700.3338
Senegal Mobile Orange221770.1778
Senegal Mobile Tigo221760.3906
Serbia Fixed3810.1595
Serbia Fixed Belgrade381110.159
Serbia Kosovo381280.16045
Serbia Mobile38160.1613
Serbia Mobile Mts381640.386
Serbia Mobile Telenor381620.3637
Serbia Mobile Vip381600.3381
Serbia Orion38110510.16045
Seychelles Fixed2480.5888
Seychelles Islands2482060.6785
Seychelles Islands Mobile Airtel24827100.6313
Seychelles Mobile24850.5888
Seychelles Mobile Airtel24870.5888
Seychelles Mobile Cw248510.5888
Sierra Leone2320.34978
Sierra Leone Fixed232310.3503
Sierra Leone Mobile232250.39755
Sierra Leone Mobile Africell232330.48051
Sierra Leone Mobile Orange232740.31
Sierra Leone Mobile Qcell232340.41383
Sierra Leone Mobile Tigo232300.4989
Sierra Leone Special Services232220.41803
Singapore Fixed650.0095
Singapore Fixed Starhub6562060.0095
Singapore Mobile6580.01138
Singapore Mobile Mobileone65144200.01063
Singapore Mobile Singtel6580270.01063
Singapore Mobile Starhub658110.0095
Sint Maarten Fixed17210.08913
Sint Maarten Mobile1721510.116
Slovakia Fixed4210.0095
Slovakia Fixed Bratislava42120.0095
Slovakia Fixed Orange4212380.0095
Slovakia Mobile Slovak Telekom4219010.045
Slovakia Mobile Swan4219500.0275
Slovakia Mobile Orange4219050.0755
Slovakia Mobile Telefonica O24219400.0755
Slovenia Alternative Networks38613200.1699
Slovenia Fixed38664060.1713
Slovenia Mobile Mobitel386310.2811
Slovenia Mobile Other38698230.4259
Slovenia Mobile Simobil386300.3747
Slovenia Mobile T2 Mobile3866410.3747
Slovenia Mobile Tus386700.3747
Solomon Islands6770.605
Somalia Asgm Premium2525240.4324
Somalia Fixed2520.3387
Somalia Fixed Golis252420.3165
Somalia Fixed Hormuud252110.1607
Somalia Fixed Nationlink252170.4324
Somalia Fixed Soltelco2522250.4826
Somalia Fixed Stc252220.3387
Somalia Fixed Telcom252130.1607
Somalia Fixed Telesom252250.3424
Somalia Golis252910.3304
Somalia Mobile Hormuud252390.28625
Somalia Mobile Somafone252600.333
Somalia Mobile Somtel25270.1627
Somalia Mobile Telcom252660.11775
Somalia Mobile Telesom252200.3424
Somalia Nationlink2525230.521
Somalia Telcom252120.3545
South Africa27104920.08532
South Africa Fixed270.053
South Africa Fixed Itfs278000.07638
South Africa Mobile276000.08532
South Africa Mobile Cell C276100.08532
South Africa Mobile Mtn276030.08138
South Africa Mobile Premium Rate27900.06013
South Africa Mobile Telkom276140.08532
South Africa Mobile Vodacom276060.08532
South Africa Value Added Services27100030.0765
South Korea Fixed820.01325
South Korea Fixed Seoul8220.01213
South Korea Mobile82010.0095
South Korea Mobile Ktf8210250.0095
South Korea Mobile Lg8210210.0095
South Korea Mobile Sk8210000.0095
South Korea Pns82500.01038
South Sudan Fixed2110.2947
South Sudan Mobile21190.2778
South Sudan Mobile Gemtel211970.2778
South Sudan Mobile Mtn211920.4334
South Sudan Mobile Vivcel211950.2051
South Sudan Mobile Zain211910.3561
Spain Fixed340.01325
Spain Fixed 901 Prefix349010.05888
Spain Fixed 902 Prefix349020.1865
Spain Fixed 902 Prefix Plus34905050.05888
Spain Fixed Balearic Islands Province348710.0095
Spain Fixed Barcelona Province348300.0095
Spain Fixed Madrid Province348100.0095
Spain Fixed Tollfree349000.0095
Spain Fixed Vpn34700.0095
Spain Mobile3460.01088
Spain Mobile Lycamobile3460200.01238
Spain Mobile Orange3460160.01238
Spain Mobile Telefonica346060.01088
Spain Mobile Vodafone346000.01088
Spain Mobile Xfera3461300.01088
Spain Special Services34510.18198
Sri Lanka Fixed940.149
Sri Lanka Fixed Colombo9410.149
Sri Lanka Fixed Colombo Slt941120.10801
Sri Lanka Fixed Colombo Suntel941140.1528
Sri Lanka Fixed Lanka Bell940050.149
Sri Lanka Fixed Mtn941170.1504
Sri Lanka Fixed Slt942120.10801
Sri Lanka Fixed Suntel942140.1528
Sri Lanka Lanka Bell941150.1311
Sri Lanka Mobile9470.14381
Sri Lanka Mobile Airtel94750.0975
Sri Lanka Mobile Dialog947650.14381
Sri Lanka Mobile Etisalat94720.1266
Sri Lanka Mobile Hutchinson94780.1266
Sri Lanka Mobile Mobitel94710.1266
St. Helena2901.28751
St. Helena Tristan De Cunha29081.26176
St. Lucia17587840.1522
St. Lucia Fixed17580.12013
St. Lucia Mobile17584810.1855
St. Lucia Mobile Cw17582840.1855
St. Lucia Mobile Digicel17585180.1876
St. Pierre And Miquelon Fixed5080.152
St. Pierre And Miquelon Mobile508550.2116
St. Vincent1784510.1757
St. Vincent And Grenadines Fixed17840.11738
St.kitts And Nevis Fixed18690.157
St.kitts And Nevis Mobile18695560.166
St.kitts And Nevis Mobile Digicel18697600.1969
St.vincent And Grenadines Mobile17844540.1908
St.vincent And Grenadines Mobile Digicel17844300.2107
Sudan Fixed2490.1471
Sudan Fixed Kanar249150.114
Sudan Fixed Khartoum2491830.1503
Sudan Mobile24990.12469
Sudan Mobile Mtn249920.1653
Sudan Mobile Now249950.1503
Sudan Mobile Sudatel249110.14381
Sudan Mobile Zain249900.1386
Suriname Fixed5970.1374
Suriname Fixed Intelsur Voip59759000.1384
Suriname Mobile597680.1384
Suriname Mobile Digicel597710.28251
Suriname Mobile Intelsur5977300.1789
Sweden Fixed460.0095
Sweden Fixed Personal Numbers46750.0095
Sweden Fixed Stockholm4680.0095
Sweden Mobile H3g466750.3362
Sweden Mobile Others466760.01063
Sweden Mobile Tele2462520.01063
Sweden Mobile Telenor466740.01063
Sweden Mobile Telia463760.01063
Sweden Shared Cost46770.0095
Switzerland Fixed410.01788
Switzerland Fixed Corporate41580.02
Switzerland Fixed Geneva41220.01788
Switzerland Fixed Tollfree418000.01788
Switzerland Fixed Zurich41430.01788
Switzerland Mobile41740.09188
Switzerland Mobile Comfone4179990.04613
Switzerland Mobile Lycamobile417790.08425
Switzerland Mobile Sunrise41760.09188
Switzerland Mobile Swisscom417540.09188
Syria Fixed9630.194
Syria Mobile96390.1469
Syria Mobile Mtn963940.1735
Syria Mobile Syriatel963920.1735
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Popular destinations

USA0.0127 *
Canada0.005 *
United Kingdom Fixed0.0095
Ukraine Fixed0.11563
Argentina Buenos Aires0.0095
Brazil Cities0.0095
Australia Fixed Melbourne0.0095
Russia Moscow0.0095
Russia St. Petersburg0.0095
India Mobile0.01188

* Rates to some USA and Canadian numbers might be higher, check the simulator to find the exact rate.
Complete rate lists can be downloaded in csv format: Standard (last updated: January 18 2022), Premium (last updated: January 18 2022), PSTN (last updated: January 18 2022), per trunk (last updated: January 18 2022)
Fine print: All prices are final, there are no bogus fees and unfees other than specified at Services page. Period. Only SIP devices that have already been created can be connected to to make calls. Please ensure you only use devices approved by you (Please do not try and connect using two tin cans and a piece of string as we do not yet support this, but we may support this in the future, the work is in progress and preliminary results are positive). monthly subscription charge of $0 must be paid in advance and does not include tax of $0 which also must be paid in advance. You will be billed an activation fee of $0 plus tax and this must be paid in advance. Calls made incur tax at the rate of 0% each month and must be paid in advance. On cancellation of the service you will be charged a one time disconnection charge of $0. Additional features will be billed at the additional rate of $0 per call. All **YOUR** rights reserved.

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